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Is cracked plaster or a bulging wall a problem? Get all your plaster & drywall restore to its original condition with the #1 plaster repair in GTA today.


Wondering what the basic plaster repair procedure which we usually perform. Here is a shortlist of the most common issues we come across in the Greater Toronto Area.


Cracks in Plaster

Cracks often happen because the plaster has shifted away from the wood behind it (known as lathe). We make small holes and reattach the plaster to the lathe, fill in the crack and make the wall smooth again.


Bulges in plaster

Depending on the severity of the bulge the plaster may be repaired like a crack or the plaster will have to be removed and reapplied as with hole repair.


Holes in plaster

If the lathe behind the plaster is in good condition, then you must first reattach the plaster around the hole to the lathe. Once the existing plaster is solidly reconnected then you can begin applying new plaster to the wall and cover up the hole. When finished the surface will be smooth and ready to paint.

Ready to have those holes in your ceiling or walls repaired?

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If you find that your plaster walls or ceiling is not looking the way it used to or if you have recently had water damage then call R.M.G Contracting to find the reliable plaster professionals you need to get the job done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ aBOUT Plaster Repair

If you want to go the DIY route, then a fix can be made using a mesh patch, joint compound, and a fresh coat of paint. Bear in mind that it is a difficult job to get right and hiring a professional service may be a better option. We’ve repaired countless drywall holes and can complete the job perfectly with more advanced techniques at a minimal cost.


Today’s plaster consists of calcium sulfate, which is also known as mineral gypsum. It is a fine powder that creates a mud-like substance when mixed with water. Drywall is made of two sheets of thick paper that encase plaster in the middle to form large sections used in ceiling and wall construction. 

Timelines for these projects vary widely based on the size of the plaster repairs. Typically, the material takes several days in a heated home to fully cure. If additional layers are needed—such as if you need to match a specific wall texture—the drying time must be extended for the two-part application.

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